High Performance De-Icer

Glacia Icemelt

Glacia Icemelt is high performance multi-component de-icer specifically formulated for use in highway, commercial, residential and industry applications.

A compacted blend of high purity calcium and sodium chlorides, Icemelt will cut through compacted ice and snow to melt and prevent ice formation at temperatures down to -20°C

Economic in use:
Efficiency of ice melting means typically up to 75% less is required in comparison with de-icing salt
Rapid ice melting capability due to heat generation (exothermic reaction with moisture)
Long lasting effect due to synergistic combination of calcium and sodium chlorides
Effective over a wider range of temperatures than sodium chloride alone
Clean de-icing product with no grit or impurities
Available in 25kg and 1000kg packs

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Glacia Premelt

Glacia Premelt is a high Calcium Chloride pellet which is an effective de-icer down to -32°C. Primarily designed for use in highway de-icing applications, please contact us if this product is of interest.

Glacia Icemelt