Maintaining product integrity from manufacture to the point of delivery, eliminating all sources of contamination and ensuring the safe delivery of our products is of paramount concern.

The company owns a fleet of customised road transport vehicles, developed to meet customers’ requirements for bulk quantities of pure dried vacuum salt. This air-discharge, bulk tanker fleet is dedicated to the transport of salt eliminating the risk of contamination by other products. The fleet includes multi-compartment road tankers allowing smaller deliveries to be made cost effectively.

For palletised, bagged products deliveries are made using contract managed road haulage. Only approved hauliers are used to minimise the risk of contamination or damage during delivery.


In order to minimise waiting times, British Salt operates a booking in system. All vehicles arriving for collection must have a confirmed time slot.

Our weighbridge is fully automated and the drivers of all vehicles arriving for collection must have a British Salt Collection Reference Number.

Small Load Sizes

Our minimum order for delivery of bagged products is 4 pallets and for tanker deliveries is 7 tonnes. A minimum order of 2 pallets applies to all ex-works collections of bagged products.

For delivery of palletised product in load sizes of less than 4 pallets, we can offer a pallet delivery service. Please contact us for details.

...bulk tanker fleet is dedicated to the transport of salt...